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How to tell limo cars from average taxi and transport vehicles:

Limo cars are discreet. The PV Limousines Sydney fleet consists of 2009 silver Holden Caprice Sedan, 2008 silver Holden Caprice Sedan, 2004 white Ford LTD Sedan, 2003 white Ford LTD Sedan and 2005 Mercedes Vito Executive People Mover (which can carry up to 8 passengers). The sedans are white and silver and the Vito is black. There is no advertising, slogan or business names on the vehicles allowing for discretion and privacy for the passenger when travelling. Taxis have lights on the top of their cars to denote when they are available for pick ups and to assist in locating a pick up point at night. PV Limousine Sydney cars are normal sedans with no additional lighting therefore there are no ways to tell whether there are limousines for hire. Also, a prominent feature of taxi cabs recently is the inclusion of the “driver cage”, a plastic protection wall which has been installed for the protection of the taxi driver. This is not necessary in a Sydney hire cars; drivers are not blocked or restricted by a plastic wall allowing for freedom of movement, conversation and clear vision for driving.

A notable difference between limo cars, taxis and other transport vehicles is the difference in license plates. Taxis have a blue plate with white letters and numbers and always start with a “T” followed by numbers. Limo cars have a black plate with white letters and numbers, and always start with a “HC” followed by three or four numbers. When travelling with PV Limousines Sydney, passengers receive a text with their driver’s name and the license plate details of the car they will be travelling in to allow for a coordinated pick up.

Taxi drivers have a uniform depending on the company they work for. Drivers of limo cars wear suits and ties, freshly ironed and cleaned. They are not required to wear a set uniform, however drivers present in a professional manner as would be expected when driving corporate limos.

All drivers in limo cars used for the purpose of transporting people are required to display a current Driver’s Authority as issued by the NSW Department of Transport and Infrastructure. This is a card with photo identification. Our drivers display their authority in clear view while driving for PV Limousines Sydney.

Taxi cabs complete a great deal of driving and compete within the industry for a high volume of work. Many taxi cabs can be run down, physically damaged and have internal mechanical problems that cannot be seen to in due course due to the expectation of completing high volume work. As limo cars complete a lot of mileage, maintenance of each vehicle is priority. All limo cars are maintained and serviced by highly reputable mechanic businesses in a timely fashion.

PV Limousines Sydney operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. For a quote, use our online enquiry form or phone us: 1300 799 997